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Finding Your Piano & Keyboard Teacher

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Take the time to find the best piano teacher for you or your children. Finding the right match will give you the best experience learning to play piano. Good piano teachers know how to work with each student as a unique individual. Piano lessons should both challenge and encourage students. Your teacher should work at a pace that will let you move forward comfortably without stress. A piano teacher should be very patient and provide a relaxed learning environment.

At the studio, students should be involved, ask as many questions as they like, and feel like the communication with their teacher is good. To learn successfully, piano students need to be motivated to learn; then they will achieve a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I have been teaching piano for several decades, and I know that making each student’s piano experience special is key to what I do. My students have fun at the lessons and so do I.

Discover The World Of Piano

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The world of music is a wonderful place. While learning to play piano, you will discover new things about yourself. Not only will you gain knowledge, but learning to play music will give you a deeper connection to being expressive and creative. You will also develop new thinking and coordination skills. Learning to read music is the core of playing piano. There are great popular, classical, folk, blues, jazz, and new age songs to learn. The music you enjoy is the music you’ll play.

Lessons are more than just learning to read music. If you are interested, you can also learn to play by ear, do blues improvisation, learn about chords and theory, arranging music, accompanying voice, composing and songwriting. Some students focus on just reading music. Other students want to do it all. It’s your lessons and as you progress, you’ll know what most appeals to you.


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I get a lot of questions about beginning students. Some students are hesitant to start because they are complete beginners. I really enjoy working with beginning piano and keyboard students. It’s great watching them progress and flower. Beginning students are always very welcome and very much encouraged. Children as young as four can begin piano. Adults of any age may begin lessons. I have had students begin lessons when they were over 80 years old, and they did really well.

Learning music and playing piano is all about the joy of making music. Anyone can learn. Everything you need to know will be presented in a clear and easy to understand sequence. I strive to make my lessons enjoyable and interesting. If you are a beginner, getting started is a first step. A piano studio with the right teacher can make all the difference.

Your progress will depend on what you feel you are accomplishing with lessons. I give my students the music that they enjoy playing. Learning to play music should never be boring; it should be exciting and inspiring. It’s best to have at least two acoustic pianos in the studio, so your teacher can play examples of pieces while you’re seated at your piano.


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Children need a special approach to learning piano. Having fun and connecting to the power of being creative is what gets kids excited. For them, it should be like magic. Excited kids devour piano music. Besides reading music, working on music projects gives children a real sense of belong.

Playing duets, learning blues, composing and recording, drumming, all are important elements in making a strong connection and immersing children in the world of music. Kids love to do recording projects and make CD’s. Learning about the process of how musicians make music gives children a window into seeing what you can do with music skills, and how important music can be.

Kids that have to endure boring piano lessons will simply quit and the opportunity to delve into this magical place is lost forever. I like to give my students challenges, with plenty of encouragement, and the tools for success. Learning to play piano gives kids great skill in working towards a goal and sticking with it.

The rewards of succeeding inspire children to take on new levels of learning. These are life lessons, just as valuable in school as in playing piano. Learning to play piano and keyboard is wonderful for developing a child’s physical and mental skills. Kids who play piano tend to improve in their studies at school. I enjoy watching students mature as their musicianship increases, not just as piano students but as individuals.

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Adults have plenty going on without more to be stressed about. At my studio, I teach adults ‘real world’ lessons. I realize that responsibilities with work and family, can upset a students practicing. Its best to view progress through a period of months, rather than week to week. Relax about learning to play and enjoy yourself.

Have fun learning piano, and don’t worry about how much you practice. It will happen just by playing. Learning piano or keyboard is a real adventure, so plan on that and take it easy.

Will A Keyboard Be OK?

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Students ask whether a keyboard can substitute for a piano. Yes, completely. Keyboards are similar to pianos and are fine for practice. Keyboards with 88 keys (same as on a piano), are even better. If you own a piano or keyboard, there’s really no difference in taking piano lessons. Either one is great for studying piano. If you don’t have an instrument yet, we can discuss what would work best for you.

 Individual Private Lessons 

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Here in Portland, group lessons are offered for kids and adults by some corporate studios. They hire a bunch of teachers, have a boring restrictive curriculum, and farm out their students. Students really need the special personal attention of one-on-one lessons. I teach private, one-on-one personal piano lessons. Individual lessons will enable you to learn much more quickly, progress rapidly in your playing, and get much more out of lessons than group lessons.

I have worked with children who have had group lessons for years, and we have accomplished more in a few months, than they have in several years of group lessons. Adults are often thrilled that they can achieve much more than they expected in a relatively short time. Personal attention also helps foster the creativity of each student. Individual lessons are simply the most effective way of learning to play piano. Find a teacher who has their own studio and teaches their own lessons.

Sharing Music

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From all the years of teaching, I have learned many things about sharing music with my students. Here is what’s most important to me: Each student I work with is unique, and I treat them that way. Students best learn when lessons are relaxed and they are comfortable. It’s a busy world for most people. I give students the most effective learning experience that I can. I teach with a fresh contemporary approach, and make each lesson unique and personal.

The Studio

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My piano studio is a wonderful place to learn piano or keyboard. You will discover many new things about music and learn skills that you never thought you would acquire. And you’ll have a new way to express yourself.

If you are ready to get started, give me a call. After just a few months, you’ll begin feeling at ease playing piano. If you want to discuss lessons for yourself or your children, give me a call, and I’ll take all the time you need to answer your questions. If you would then like to meet, we can schedule a time to talk about lessons.

Lessons are once a week, for 1/2 or 1 hour. There’s plenty of free parking, a large waiting room, and a large coffee shop next door. I wish you a fun and enjoyable experience in learning to play piano.

Call me at 503-771-4611

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