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“Having A Blast. Love Doing Blues Improv”

“The Pieces Are Coming Together And I Now Understand How To Play Blues”

“Playing My Own Music Is The Best”

Why Learn To Play Blues Piano?

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Learning to play Blues Piano is a fabulous way to improve your piano playing skills. It will help you learn to play by ear, understand how music is constructed, and enable you to fly over the keys. Students who learn Blues Piano acquire a sense of freedom to play piano and keyboards effortlessly. Playing Blues on piano or keyboards is just a lot of fun. It’s creative, full of energy and emotion and Blues Piano is cool and fun.

Students who already read music will learn a new way of approaching the keyboard. Blues Piano can revitalize and enliven your playing. Jamming Blues Piano with friends makes a great music connection. It’s the fastest way of learning to play music with others. Complete beginners, after spending a few months learning to read music, can begin Blues Piano, learn new techniques and expand their proficiency.

While learning blues, we’ll work on some extra music theory, to round out your understanding of how things fit together. If interested, you can also learn to arrange music, and write original pieces. If you are a singer, we can look at chord styles to accompanying your voice. Adults have a great curiosity about Blues. Kids also naturally love to improvise on piano. Blues is an excellent way for anyone to use their imagination to paint musical pictures.

What Is Blues Piano?

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Blues is an original American music. The beauty of Blues Piano is its simplicity and creative energy. Blues is improvisational, with each repetition a playful expansion of what came before. Usually played as a twelve bar progression, there is a distinct chord and melody structure which gives it such a unique sound. Blues Piano is often played solo, and is a lot faster and more innovative than Blues generally played on guitar. In it’s more complicated versions, it sounds a lot like Jazz. Playing Blues is a whole world of music in itself. It’s artistic, and is full of soul. Learning to play Blues Piano is great way to be introduced to Jazz improvisation.

Since the 1800’s Blues has been greatly influenced all types of American music, Classical, Folk, Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, and more. Blues music can be found everywhere and is loved and appreciated throughout the world. Constantly evolving, Blues Piano music continues to excite, delight and captivate people.

Some well known Blues piano players from different time periods are: Otis Spann, Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, Oscar Peterson, Randy Newman, Professor Longhair, Keith Jarrett, Michel Petrucciani.

Blues Piano – Getting Started

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You’ll see lots of ‘How To Play Blues Piano’ books. Learning to play Blues from a book is very hard. The material is hard to make sense of and students end up confused and frustrated. Learning to play Blues is best done as a one-on-one hand’s on experience. It’s the way to go. I have taught hundreds of people to play Blues Piano with confidence and ease. Beginners, after learning to read music a bit, will find Blues to be well suited for them. If you already play piano and want to learn this great American piano style, then you can begin right away. Playing Blues Piano helps students acquire a nice fluid playing style and improve all areas of their playing.

The Blues Piano Lessons

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The way I teach Blues Piano is unique; developed over years of teaching, it’s easy to follow and understand. Learning to play twelve bar Blues begins with the left hand chord progression and right hand Blues Scale. You’ll learn all the necessary steps to begin improvising some really nice, fun Blues. Everything you need to know to master the basic styles of Blues will be presented in an easy to understand progression.

Playing Blues Piano is a wonderful introduction to improvisation and playing by ear. There is a special feeling of freedom and accomplishment to being able to play without music. Blues Piano will give you new energy and expressiveness in your playing. Lessons are presented to each student at a comfortable pace and according to their own personal interests. 

Some things you will learn are:

  • Left Hand Blues Chord Progressions
  • Right Hand Blues Scale
  • Swing and Other Rhythms
  • Walking Bass
  • Rhythm Variations
  • Alternative Twelve Bar Progressions
  • Jazz Style Blues Chords & Scales
  • 1930-1950 and Contemporary Styles of Blues


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